HITACHI single flange track roller for sale online, Tac machinery offers our customers high performance undercarriage parts include upper roller, bottom roller, idler assy, sprocket segment, track link assembly, recoil spring, bucket link, bulldozer bucket etc.HITACHI bottom roller for excavator have many models such as ex100 EX120 EX200 EX300 EX330 EX350 EX370 EX385 EX400 EX450 EX700 EX750 EX800H-5 ZX120 ZX200 ZX230 ZX250 ZX330 ZX450 ZX650 ZX750 ZAX250 R120 R200 R210LC-7 R220LC-7 R250LC-7 R260LC-9 R290 R320LC R215LC R225LC R500LC-7 R60 R360 R450LC-7 R480 R505-7 R385-9 R R1300 R2000 R4500, contact us about more demands.

Track Roller
Forged from deep hardening steel and heart treated for internal strength to resist bell mounting and to increase rebuilding ability.
2 pieces roller shell rim. Heat treated shells for body strength and longer wear life.
Heat treated for a deep uniform hardened deep that providers wear life equal to link wear life.

Support the track as its most between the sprocket and idler.
Guide the track between the sprocket and idler
Strength to resist failure before tread wear life is utilized.
Treads wear life matched to track links.
Treads and flanges rebuild able on forged shells.
Thru-hardened flanges to resist bending and improve rebuild ability.

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